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Hello Guys Vastravelly is coming up with a new way for you to weight loss so no one needs to worry anymore. There are many ways to lose weight. Many people go walking, many people do workouts at home, many people do fasting, people go to the gym, and many people eat very little food during the day.

Do you think all of these things are right?  All things reduce weight, but if these things are not done properly, then all these things are very harmful.

When you have told whom to work on weight, then he will tell you that go to the gym, then you can lose weight, but all that is difficult for many people.

Hello hello hello friends, you seem to be tired of reading. But you do not need to be worrie about being with us because we are still alive for you.

So I want to tell you that now we are bringing you to lose weight in the right way and without exercising, how do you do weight at home, then you keep on reading.

6 Ways easiest way to lose weight without exercise, pills, diet:-

1. count Your Calories (weight loss)

Approved of our researchers now notified that achieved significant results in their weight by adopting the method. 

It is not possible to reduce the amount of food you eat without measuring it. In today’s age of technology, you can measure the food you eat from the internet and even from a dense app.

This way you can measure the food you eat. If this helps you to lose weight and you know that there is a change in your weight, then this is also a good remedy, then this remedy should not be overlooked.

2. Count Macros (weight loss)

When you are measuring calories, you need to consider the macro because the role of the macro is also important.

Macro is a type of calorie so it is important to keep in mind that it is made up of 3 things: protein, fat, and carbohydrates. It keeps the body in balance, keeps it healthy, keeps the energy in balance, sleep also balances the mood, so it is necessary to keep it in balance. Thanks a lot for the macro that is need.

Just like calories, you can measure macros, which is possible with the help of the internet. You also have the power to measure the internet PR mercy so that you can measure it.

win-win-win !!!!

3. Use Portion Control (weight loss)

Fitness experts suggest that people with less than 20% value calories because you don’t measure calories and don’t value as much as you give.

Enjoying your meal makes it easier to meditate. You also need to value protein. Teno is also a part of Mahatva. It is important to note that since you do not use the label attached to the food you eat, you do not have the power to measure or calculate how many calories you have taken.

It can give you more accurate information and help you to know how magically you are achieving your goal.

4. Squeeze more water (weight loss)

Drinking water has many benefits, so drinking too much water can be a development of weight loss. Water is also a major factor in weight loss which cannot be overlook. Even if you are still drinking saltwater, it can help you lose weight.

In addition to weight gain from drinking too much water, the benefits of dense seeds are also seen in men, such as staying healthy, the excess waste inside the human body is excreted in the form of sweat, which also keeps the digestion power strong. Drinking a glass of water before a meal also helps to quench your hunger.

5. Get need Sleep

Sleep has a profound effect on your daily routine. If you don’t get enough sleep, you endanger your health. Getting enough sleep affects your hormones. As your body grows, it absorbs more carbohydrates in the form of energy.

Get at least seven hours of sleep a night. If you are experiencing fatigue then your sleep is very important to maintain the balance of the body. Sleep and workout will make you sleepy and your body will be full of you, so sleep should be given the same importance.

6. Create meal plan 

To improve on things, you can likewise have somebody deal with the majority of your nourishment needs by utilizing a calorie-controlled supper conveyance administration that meets your requirements to shed pounds.

Prepare a diet plan for weight loss for any one of them. You can also prepare this meal plan with the help of experts. Doing this will definitely make you weight loss diet.

Make a meal plan with calorie protein macro in mind and follow it carefully.


You can also do the best weight loss exercises which will also reduce your weight. There will be energy in the body. This will also lead to fitness. This is the fastest way to lose weight.













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