Dubai Desert Safari: Everything to Know


Life is all about exploration and when you move out of your comfort zone then there will be a lot that awaits you.

In the same way when you are down with the most popular sites in India then why not try something new outside the country. So the first place that comes to anyone’s mind when someone is searching for a foreign tour is the Gulf region for a budget-friendly tour.

In the Gulf region, the popular destinations are Burj Khalifa, Desert Safari, skyscrapers tour, Palm Island, etc. Now, when you are in the United Arab Emirates, then you will surely be wanting to do a Dubai Desert Safari.


There are two types of dunes, one is Red Dunes and the other is normal dunes. The Safari gives a unique experience for your life as the culture and cuisine are very different from your local one. The travel from Delhi via flight takes around 3 hours and can be a perfect itinerary for your arrival. After the arrival you can find many ATMs and currency exchange counters, so no worries regarding the transactions. The place to check-in baggage in Dubai is an amazing view full of amenities. Apart from Dubai Desert Safari with Bbq Dinner is also popular in other countries as well like in Egypt, Oman, India especially in Jaisalmer. But the most popular destination for Desert Safari in Dubai only.

What could you expect from a trip to the Dubai Desert Safari?

Safari is an exploration of an area with the help of a vehicle. Now as part of it you will be enjoying Sand Dune Bashing, Sand Boarding, Belly Dance, Camel raid, picture with Falcon, cultural activities on the dais alongside the seating space, and a nice barbecue. So the whole day would become a memorable and adventurous experience filled with unique feelings. 

Everything to Know 

From your hotel, you can start leaving towards Desert Safari in the morning so that you can enjoy everything there within time. Most of the hotels situated around the Safari are 40-45 minutes away from the Safari.

So, take a proper breakfast. The notable thing about Dubai is that you can find some Indian-style restaurants that serve Indian food. Apart from this, you must also try local cuisines to know the culture. In the middle of your journey to Desert Safari, you can find Sharja.

On the same road, you can see the road to Sharjah and the other way to Desert Safari. This is something interesting to note on the way to Safari. Similarly, there is a place called University City, which is part of Sharjah. This university is the largest in the Gulf. 

After reaching the destination, you will feel the temperatures of the deserts that fluctuate around 27 – 35 °C. One is that the 1st half is allocated to Desert Safari and the other part is for campsites. At the campsite, you can enjoy the barbecue, souvenirs, drinks, Belly dances, etc.

The first activity you will be getting is the Sand Dune Bashing. you will be traveling on a car where the car moves on an undulating path that moves across the desert with many twists and turns making you reminiscent of the roller coaster ride.

The ride can range from 20 to 30 minutes. This would be an awesome experience to try out as it is driven by a skilled licensed driver.

After the Sand Dune Bashing, you can try out a slow camel ride. If you have not tried it before then you must try a ride on a camel, which is the ship of the desert.

And apart from this, you will get some free refreshments like Arabic tea with dates, coffee, etc. Then you can enter into the arch inscribed as the Dream Night Tour. Here, every single amusement including Hookah is provided as part of Desert Safari. Inside the arrangements, there are many stalls where you can choose to buy different articles that remind you of this journey forever.

A red carpet welcomes you inside the desert arrangement and the stay at the campsite will make your day in Dubai.




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